2020 Showcase in Place


This exhibition presents student work in the areas of drawing, painting, photography, creative writing, ceramics, sculpture, product design, and digital arts. A dedicated team of talented, passionate students curated this exhibition and selected the theme of "Overlapping Realities," as well as relevant sub-themes. This year marks the first time we have integrated drawing, painting, photography, and creative writing together. Students carefully curated the drawings, paintings, and photographs into unique panels, and then our writers created short pieces that speak to the art on a specific panel, as well as the gallery themes identified by the curation team. We have tried to honor the intent of the student curators who did an exceptional job with this show, and even though they didn’t get the experience of installing it in a physical gallery, we are excited that the virtual gallery will live on.


  • Juliette Ardzrooni, Photography ‘21
  • Zoë Blackman, Creative Writing ‘21
  • Calvin Boyden-Walker, Digital Arts ‘21
  • Abbie Brandt, Drawing + Painting ‘21
  • Isabella Cavallero, Digital Arts + Photography ‘21
  • Jiboni Gloistein, Creative Writing ‘21
  • Lauren Oty, Drawing + Painting & Creative Writing ‘21
  • Lily Overson, Creative Writing ‘20
  • Sofia Spinozzi, Drawing + Painting ‘21
  • Francesca Williams, Creative Writing ‘20
  • Sophia Zahra, Drawing + Painting ‘21


  • Howard Gersh, Digital Arts + Animation
  • Sabrina Kalleen, Ceramics + Sculpture
  • Ben Knudson, Product Design
  • Taylor Mancini, Drawing + Painting
  • Peter Ornstein, Photography
  • Rebecca Pollack, Creative Writing